Neverworld is more than just a music festival. 

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The Illusionists Night
All ages welcome.

An hour of wonders with Nelson Brett, where the Magic will guide you through the mystery of mind illusions and the transcendent realm.
An experience of altered states, magic and the bending of perception.

5pm - Gentlemen Starkeys
Friday & Saturday
Paint Fight
A yearly institution at Neverworld. Gather your tribe and go wild for 15 minutes of colourful craziness.

Outfit too good to ruin? This is a great spectacle to watch from a safe distance too.

4PM Saturday @ The Beach
Silent Disco Yoga
We are very excited to host silent yoga at Neverworld this year. Silent yoga involves practicing a yoga class through wireless headphones. A truly immerse experience!

Classes held at the Beach in Mermaids Lagoon:
10am -11am
11am - 12pm
Friday and Saturday
Early mornings & afternoons the Rainbow Rooms becomes our movie space, showing films that Neverworld draws inspiration from.

10:00 - 12:00 | Peter Pan [Animated] (PG)
12:00 - 14:00 | Hook (U)
14:00 - 16:00 | Finding Neverland (PG)
16:00 - 18:00 | The Lost Boys (15)

10:00 - 12:00 | Hook (U)
12:00 - 14:00 | Finding Neverland (PG)
14:00 - 16:00 | Peter Pan [Animated] (PG)
16:00 - 18:00 | The Lost Boys (15)

All in the Rainbow Rooms, Mermaids Lagoon
Beach Games
Come to our real sand Beach at Mermaids Lagoon from 12pm - 4pm each day to take part in games and silliness.

Expect such things as Glitter Wrestling, Limbo, Dodgeball, Fancy Dress Competitions, Volleyball, Bouncy Music, Football

Never Grow Old! Games for all ages
Bushcraft Workshops
Bushcraft Uk Wilderness Living Skills will be offering a daily workshop at this years Neverworld.

Using both the modern techniques and primitive ways, their workshops are tailored to give you an insight into the self reliant way of life and to make you feel safe, comfortable in your natural surroundings and of course have fun!

11am at The Wendy House, Friday and Saturday
Silent Disco
Silent Disco is an immersive experience not to be missed! Music is played through wireless headphones, rather than played over a speaker system, for a truly unique party.

Time / Location TBC
Get inside a giant inflatable ball and have at your friends!
We have three guest speakers hosting talks in the Wendy house this year.

Sarah Janes - Lucid Dreaming: Can You Really Control Your Dreams? 12pm Friday
Oli Genn-Bash - The Wonderful World of CBD: An Introduction 1pm Friday
Rebekah Shaman - Ayahuasca: Unlocking the Door to Better Mental Health? 12pm Saturday
Screen Printing
Screen print your favourite tribe symbol on to a T-shirt or bag to take away and wear with pride
Scarlet Vixens Burlesque
(18+ only nudity and adult themes)

Jaw-dropping burlesque and variety from Burlesque and Cabaret troupe The Scarlet Vixens! Featuring Loretta LeBonke, Mojo Jones, Miss Sugar Rush, Mariposa Bop, Lady Intrepid and Demonica Latex.

9:30pm - Gentleman Starkeys
Friday & Saturday
Axe Throwing
Ridiculously enjoyable, harder than it looks! Test your inner warrior skills with our axe throwing stall
Frightwig Theatre
(18+ recommended)

Through a series of highly amusing monologues, sketches and grotesque performances, this trio of fearless horrornauts will take you by the hand and drag you laughing and screaming into the abyss, exploring the worst aspects of modern Britain on the way down.

8pm - Gentleman Starkeys
Friday & Saturday
Neon Rave
Late night party. Cover yourself in neon paint and dance in the UV lights
Leigh Folk Festival
Taking over our Wendy House Stage 3pm-7pm Friday and Saturday. Come take a seat and listen to some soothing folk music
Dog Fancy Dress
Forget the glitter wrestling. This is the toughest contest of the whole festival. Enter your dog in our doggie fancy dress competition.
The Apothecary Cabaret
(18+ only nudity and adult themes)

Bawdy late night Vaudeville from some of the UK's top cabaret talent, featuring: Driscoll Bleak, The Quirk, The London City Sideshow, Lou-Leigh Blue, Seedy Frills, Roman Ackley, Dave Odeeni, Mariposa Bop & Carmen Mon Oxide.

11pm - 1am Gentleman Starkeys, Friday & Saturday
The Magic of Odeeni
All ages welcome.

Enjoy a full magic show by the magical man known as the 'The Magic of Odeeni'...otherwise known as Dave.

3pm - Gentlemen Starkeys
Friday & Saturday
Studio 54
54th Street Manhattan, New York City,
Dancing queens are your committee,

Lost boys/girls and in between let loose and run riot,
Between thighs and whispers built purely on a disco diet,

Get down, go up, swing side to side,

Because in this Neverworld were here only for the ride.

11pm - 2am in the Rainbow Rooms Friday & Saturday
Shisha Den
Come smoke a range of fruity and nicotine free delights
Bassy Brassy Beats GoGo Afterparty!
The Apothecary will host a late night party in Gentleman Starkeys

From 1am Friday & Saturday
Pen-ting Poetry
Pen-Ting is a community focussed Hip-Hop and Poetry event with an emphasis on advocacy and political discourse. We aim to encourage the sharing of ideas and we believe in the power of art as a means of connection, understanding and education.

The Pen-Ting showcase features a collection of artists who are among the best that the UK poetry scene and the Pen-Ting community has to offer.

2pm - Wendy House
Friday & Saturday
Man with 1000 Farces
(12+ recommended)

The Man of a 1000 Farces' is the new touring show from that international man of misery, Johnny MacAulay. A psychedelic mind flip of magic, character sketches, sideshow and quick change mayhem.

6:30pm - Gentlemen Starkeys
Friday & Saturday
Music, Circus & Play
12pm - 1pm Friday and Saturday in Gentlman Starkeys. Music, Play and Character Walkabout to celebrate the venue opening for the day.

All ages welcome.
Lost Boy Craft Workshops
Tribe themed workshops for the little-ones.

Memories are made from moments. This workshop is creating a space for those moments in and amongst the magic of Neverworld. We'll decorate keepsake feathers, create a magical dream catcher and be lost in the moment of making. In pure lost boy fashion, we'll stay forever young by indulging our crafting spirit in this perfectly pure workshop!
Tinkerbell Craft Workshops
Tribe themed workshops for the little-ones.

Glitter up the wand, create and decorate the Wendy house and let the crafting juices flow - this workshop is all about the creative pampering for your wee one! You'll walk away content, potentially a bit more sparkerly but with some keepsakes to remember and ignite those Neverworld memories!
Pirate Craft Workshops
Tribe themed workshops for the little-ones.

Grab your comrades, gather your crew - this workshop gives you the creative pirate materials to get your booty make on! Decorating a treasure chest, designing and personalising a buccaneer mask or creating a fearsome sword - our pirate crafts are for those scallywag's with pirate aspirations!
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--- many more unannounced games / parties / silliness will be found at the festival ---