Neverworld is made up of 4 magical realms. Each home to a a unique combination of music & style. 

One great big adventure playground where all the tribes comes together to party & feast. Anything goes in pan's playground!


The epicurious will find a wealth of food and drink on offer for even the most delectable of tastes.


Overlooking all, is our main stage 'The Fortress' where you can treat your ears to some of the biggest names in music in a rare and intimate environment and enjoy a nightly fireworks display.


While in the Playground be sure not to miss the best up & coming acts on 'The Circus' Stage. It's THE place to discover the superstars of the future.


circus stage
circus stage


The colourful, Club Tropicana of Neverworld. Home to the flirtatious Mermaids Tribe. A Miami-style town for outrageous, sparkly antics.


Featuring a real sand beach, games arena, a multitude of activities like slip n’ slides and giant ball pit lagoon, fun and games for all the family, and much much more.

At its colourful heart is 'The Beach' Stage. By day, expect mischievous games and by sunset you can really hit this neon town with some of the best disco, garage / clubhouse / soul DJs.


Don't forget to delve into the revelry found in the Rainbow Rooms whilst here or the dazzling lights of the fairground.

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realm logos-04.png

A Mad Max-esque post apocalyptic hometown to the anarchistic Pirate Tribe. Here  you will find our two heavier music stages thrown between theatre clubs dens.


Head to the seedy den of Hook’s rock to catch incredible new bands straight off the new punk/hardcore/metal scene or throw down to the dirty beats of Bass and Garage in the subterranean pit of our Goldmine Stage.  


This is the hard party realm. To be washed down with copious amount of rum & fire. A lawless place that only the bravest dare enter.

The hide-out of the Lost Boys Tribe. Nestled deep in the woodlands you will find the Wendy's House, a wooden shack for spoken word, folk and talks. Discover Crocodile Creek with its flamboyance of flamingoes taking their chances to sun themselves there. Find our Tribe sign-up hub who will look to entice you to their clan no matter what.  


The Neverwoods is a peaceful retreat from the sun, and the hustle & bustle of the other realms. Full of handcrafted, natural things and places to chill.  You might also find a little bit of magic… But watch those Lost Boys, they can be a playful mischief.

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