Neverworld Festival Will Release Lockdown Survival Kits

Going Lockdown-Loco? FEAR NOT!

Here at Neverworld HQ we have got a few tricks up our sleeve to keep you and your family entertained in the continuing weeks of our physically-distancing nation. Luckily Neverworld is only ever a dream away, existing forever in the minds of those who believe.

All our Lostboy, Mermaid and Pirate Tribe members are busy building lockdown activity kits that compliment their homeland Realms and keep the spirit of Neverworld adventure alive.

Each kit features a Realm in Neverworld and will have activities for 'children' of all ages (NEVER GROW OLD!). Activities will be added to the kits in stages to allow time to complete them before we reveal answers or showcase any treasures we discover from our dreamers.

Our first survival Activity Kit is swimming in from our most sparkly and decadent of Realms, the MERMAIDS LAGOON. Check back on the News page tomorrow for the first activity.

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