Image courtesy of @genealityart

An ornate glass bottle has been discovered washed ashore. Inside contains a decadent, but black and white, drawing. A hand-written demand from the Neverworld Mermaid tribe is also found inside. They ask you to embellish the drawing of their Realm with the all the colour & vibrancy found at Mermaids Lagoon.  If a picture is not created to match their opulent tastes, they threaten to send many a sailor & the Neverworld supply ships to their peril!

Click the pdf icon below to download and print this A4 colouring sheet. It is suitable for anyone who refuses to grow old! Complete it in pencil, pen, paint, sequins, glitter. Whatever you think will impress our mermaids.

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Help us save the Neverworld supply ships and crew!  We will display the most exquisite completed colouring pages (from all age categories) in their full glory on our blog Gallery for all to admire.