2 - 5 Aug 2018

Music, Party & Wonder #nevergrowold

During a hot summer of 2006, Lee Denny’s parents left him alone in the house whilst they went on holiday. They left Lee and his friends with one simple rule; do not have a house party. Aged 16, Lee thought an ingenious solution would be to have a festival in the garden. He assembled a gang of friends and together they built a lineup, stage, PA and a bar. LeeFest was borne out of teenage rebellion, ingenuity and a desire to just make things happen.

The festival rapidly grew in size and stature. Awesome people travelled from far and wide to contribute their energy and ideas, and join a growing community of kindred rebellious spirits. They came to experience one another’s dreams, and make their own dreams a reality.

LeeFest gained mainstream acclaim when it won ‘Best Grassroots Festival’ at the UK Festival Awards and ‘Best Festival’ at the Association of Independent Music Awards. However LeeFest’s fierce sense of independence and rebellion meant it’s focus was always on supporting new music, arts and creative endeavours.

For 2016 LeeFest exploded to life for the tenth time this year and instead of taking this opportunity to look back and celebrate the past, the team decided to continue innovating, growing and evolving the festival…

Neverworld re-imagines the very concept of a festival, allowing the creative community that organically snowballed from Lee’s garden to flourish and shine. A spectacular, immersive kingdom of music, party and arts, built into three magical realms….


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