Cashless FAQ's

 Playpass Cashless RFID System 


At the festival, all transactions are cashless thanks to your RFID wristband. That means all points of sale (bars, food trucks, market stalls and merchandising) will only accept one method of payment: the chip on your wristband.

Cashless is not only easier and faster, but safer too – our system uses military-grade encrypted technology that would take a super-computer 260,658 years to crack, making it more secure than online banking, magnetic strips or contactless credit & debit cards.

And you can claim back all unspent credit after the event (Excluding the £26 Welcome To Neverworld bonus & any onsite prize money)

Click here to register your personal cashless account

What is RFID and how does it work?

RFID stands for radio frequency identification. The technology uses electromagnetic fields to transfer data for the purpose of automatically identifying and tracking tags attached to objects, in this case wristbands. Our cashless system uses RFID to write electronic credits on to your chip when you top up funds and debits them when you buy something.  

Is it secure?

There is no risk of money or data theft from the system and, if you lose your wristband, you have not lost your money – it can be instantly transferred to a new wristband if you have registered a personal account. *For those with an interest in data encryption, our chips use three-key Triple-DES which provides 112 bits of cryptographic strength, equal to 72,057,594,037,927,936 (over 72 quadrillion) possible keys.

Why Cashless?

1.    Due to the many moving parts at a live event, cashless payments is now recognised as the global best practice at festivals around the world.
2.    Cashless payments make your festival experience easier, faster and safer.
3.    Load your wristband from the get go (online beforehand or when you arrive at the festival), no need to keep your cash or credit card in a tent or locker – your funds are on your wristband, attached to you at all times, making it hassle-free all weekend.
4.    If you lose your wristband, we will give you a new wristband and do our best to instantly recover any funds attached to it – you can’t do that with cash!
5.    It makes service at the bars and vendors much faster and reduces queues.
6.    If you don’t spend all of the money loaded onto your wristband, you can quickly and easily request your money back online after the event – please note there is a £0.90 processing fee from our payment provider for this service.

How do I get started?

Firstly you need to buy a ticket for the festival – you can’t get started without one. With your MAIN FESTIVAL TICKET ONLY you can create a personal account before the festival, allowing you to top up credit on your account before and during the festival – you can keep track of all your purchases during the festival.

During the festival you can still create an online personal account using your smartphone with the unique ID at the back of your wristband tag.

Do I have to register my personal information to use the system?

No, if you do not want to create a personal account at all, you’re free to remain anonymous. Just walk into the festival and use any top-up booth to add money to your wristband tag. The system will only identify you by your wristband ID number, with no personal data attached. You can still load funds to your wristband using the onsite topup stations and pay with it at any point-of-sale.

Registering a personal account is therefore not mandatory but it is recommended, as it will give you extra benefits including the ability to top up online, track your purchase history, redeem special incentives which could provide additional free credit and more easily replace your wristband with the balance intact if it gets lost.

It is not necessary to register a personal account in order to reclaim your unspent funds after the event – you can still do this as an anonymous user.

I have not bought my ticket yet, can I still create my personal account?

No, to create a cashless personal account you must be in possession of a valid ticket ID number – PLEASE USE YOUR MAIN TICKET ONLY This number is required to transfer your credit to your RFID wristband when you receive it at the Wristband Exchange when you arrive at the festival.

Someone else bought my ticket, can I still create a personal account?

Yes, this is not a problem. Just make sure you enter the ticket number of the ticket you will be carrying to enter the festival, and your personal account will be linked to your wristband.

When I try to create my personal account, my ticket number is not recognised. What should I do?

First, double-check that the number you are typing is definitely the ticket number of your main ticket. Tickets can carry a lot of different information on them.

Then, if you have just bought your ticket, it is possible that your ticket number is still not yet known inside the cashless system. Try again in 24 hours.

If it still doesn’t work, send an email to and the issue will be resolved promptly.

How do I get my wristband?
Your RFID wristband will be issued to you on arrival at the festival in exchange for your valid ticket. At that moment all benefits and credit already linked to your ticket via your personal account will be automatically transferred to your wristband. There are no fees associated with wristband activation.

You can also choose not to create a personal account before the festival and just walk in. Your wristband is then activated but not linked to a personal account. You can load credit to the wristband inside the festival by visiting a top-up station.

Adding credit to the wristband

You can add funds at any time online with a credit or debit card, using a smartphone, tablet or computer via your online personal account. While at the festival, you will also be able to add funds using cash or credit/debit card by visiting one of the top-up stations.

NOTE: we will not have ATM cash machines on site during the event.

Purchasing food, beverages, merchandise and anything else at the festival

To make a purchase, check the sale amount displayed on the vendor’s terminal and tap your wristband on it. The purchased amount will be automatically and instantly debited from your credit balance on your wristband. If you have a personal account, the purchase will appear in your transaction history as soon as the transaction has synchronised with our online account platform over the internet. It is possible that some vendors will not be connected to the internet, in which case the transaction may not appear in your history until shortly after the event.

What if the vendor charges me the wrong amount?

Just as with a cash transaction, if you think you have been charged an incorrect amount after having made a purchase, tell the vendor immediately and they will be able to correct it.

How can I check the credit balance on my wristband?

You can check your remaining balance at any time during the event by tapping your wristband at any point of sale terminal. Immediately after every transaction, the reader will indicate how much credit you have left. If you missed it, ask the bartender/vendor to show you your remaining balance.

If you have created an online personal account, you can also login to your account to check your balance. When doing this, always be aware that it is possible that some transactions may have not yet been synchronised over the internet to update the online account platform. This may cause temporary differences between the balance shown online and the one you see by tapping your wristband (which is always your correct ‘live’ balance).

What happens if my RFID wristband gets damaged or lost?

If the fabric of the wristband becomes unusable, just visit the customer support point (near the Wristband Exchange entrance) where staff will be able to quickly and easily re-issue you a new wristband, with your remaining balance intact. This does not require registering a personal account.

If the RFID chip becomes damaged please bring it to us and we will issue you with a new one and do our best to instantly recover any funds attached to it, although in some cases – depending on the extent of the damage – this may not be possible until after the event.

If your wristband is stolen please report it at the customer service point immediately, where we will be able to block it and issue you with a new one. As above, we will do all we can to restore your balance, but this may not be possible until after the event.

Please be aware that it is your duty to take care of your wristband and that the festival cannot be held responsible for any loss or theft.

How can I get a refund for any credit I don’t spend at the event?

Reclaiming unspent funds is a quick and easy process. You will need your wristband ID number so make sure you keep hold of this.  PLEASE DO NOT THROW AWAY YOUR WRISTBAND WITHOUT NOTING DOWN THE WRISTBAND ID NUMBER BEFORE YOU HAVE RECLAIMED YOUR UNSPENT FUNDS.

Just log-on to the event website any time between 9am on Wednesday 7th August  and 5pm on Friday 30th August 2019 and you will be directed to the refund request page, where you will be prompted to enter your wristband ID number for identification. You will see your remaining balance and can reclaim all of it – please note there is a £0.90 processing fee from our payment provider for this service.

Now just enter the bank details for the account you would like your refund to be collected in, and the funds will be transferred within a few days.

Can the technology be used to track my movements?

No, it cannot. The wristbands we use can only be detected from a few centimetres away and are not equipped with any GPS technology so therefore it will be impossible to track your movements.

Is the system less convenient for me than using cash?

No way! Cashless offers far greater customer convenience, removing the need to bring and carry cash or queue at expensive ATM’s, as well as providing many other benefits such as keeping a record of all your purchases and enabling you to benefit from incentives and rewards. It also deters thieves and criminal elements making the event safer as well as more enjoyable.

Is the system reliable?

Of course. The system we use is designed to be fail-safe, able to operate without internet or power and has been used flawlessly at hundreds of events around the world. It was built to have no central point of failure. This means that the worst case scenario is that an individual scanning device (such as a payment terminal on a bar) or wristband becomes damaged or lost. In both instances, they can be very quickly replaced on-site, ensuring continuous service throughout the event.

Having trouble linking your ticket to Playpass?

Simply find your ticket in your inbox or in your Universe / See Tickets account then:

- Click Print tickets.

- On the PDF version of your ticket locate the long barcode number.

- Use the barcode number to link your ticket to your Playpass account. (You can copy and paste it rather than entering it manually) 

- Pre-load your wristband/  Playpass account.

- You’re good to go – your wristband with your pre-loaded money will be waiting for you at the Wristband Exchange entrance.

Register with PlayPass HERE.

*Complimentary spending money will only be available on your wristband once the initial top up sum has been spent, and is not redeemable as unspent funds.

Competition prize of free spending money all weekend is limited to a maximum spend of £100 per day. This does not apply to anyone else spending their own hard earned money.  You are of course welcome to buy as many beers & burritos as you like. We’re not here to judge!

Customer service enquiries:

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