We have made the very difficult decision to cancel Neverworld 2021.


After 15 years of overcoming all manner of adversities to keep the dream alive, we would never have entertained the idea of cancelling an event, let alone two in a row! 


Needless to say we are devastated, but we must be responsible in our decision making. 


We incurred eye watering losses due to last year's cancellation, and to continue past this point would require us to risk an overwhelming amount more. 


We are unable to access cancellation insurance that would cover an extension of restrictions on events due to COVID-19, and there is a very real possibility of that happening, especially for an event of this scale in July.


We have worked with others in the festival industry to ask for a Government backed insurance scheme to allow events to restart (similar to the scheme they set up for film & television) but they have refused to provide any support.


We have also been refused any financial support from the Government to help us through this time, despite contributing millions of pounds in tax revenues in our years of operation.


We know that this will be disappointing news for everyone dreaming of a hazy summer afternoons in the Neverwoods, sunset cocktails on the beach in Mermaids Lagoon and late night shenanigans in Skull Ridge.


We’re going to take some time out to think about the future of Neverworld so are not releasing any dates for 2022 yet. We will update you later this year with plans for the future. 


We will automatically refund all tickets and accommodation that you have purchased to the card you made your purchase with. It should arrive with you 5-10 working days from today.


Our smaller events Camp Wildfire (Summer Camp for Adults) and Camp Kindling (Summer Camp for Families) will still be going ahead later in the summer.


If you have any questions or need assistance please DM us or email office@neverworld.co.uk


Lee & Team Neverworld




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Set in beautiful woodland grounds in the heart of Kent, just 40 minutes from London, this intimate party is made up of four magical realms; The Neverwoods, Skull Ridge, Mermaids Lagoon & Pan's Playground.


With 5 stages of music, exciting parties and a vast array of activities, you are guaranteed an incredible weekend for family and friends at our award winning festival.


Choose your tribe; Mermaid, Pirate or Lost boy -  fly in to our spectacular immersive kingdom of music, party & wonder.

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